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CORE I Intensive: All Purpose Recipe

  • Chelsea & Westminster Hospital (LONDON) 369 Fulham Road London, England, SW10 9NH United Kingdom (map)

Pre-requisite: Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy or Osteopathy Qualification

CREDITS: 14 CPDs, £297

CORE I Intensive: All Purpose Recipe is the flagship course designed and developed by Noah Steven Karrasch (SMTO Conference 2016) to provide an all purpose tecipe of CORE fascial release.

His philosophy of effective and safe Bodywork that Coaxes Order and Restores Energy offers massage therapists and other bodyworkers the opportunity to work with their clients in a new and efficient way. Practitioners conserve their own energy and find the method easier on their body while clients are empowered to take a more active role in their treatment.

CORE Bodywork facilitates change in a direct, deep and dynamic manner.

CORE I focuses on the basic ideas of the CORE philosophy of good, safe deep tissue bodywork: assess, learn to access the correct layer of resistance, create movements and breath work for the client, and integrate any and all work done. We also cover intention, the psoas muscle, kinesiology lines of fascia, appropriate stretching cues and focus on the CORE® one session recipe, which we also observe, practice on each other, and on a client. Added recently: skin and superficial fascia dissection DVD with Gil Hedley. There is no pre requisite for CORE I — any massage therapist (and many lay people) with curiosity can benefit from this class.

About Pentony O’Hagan BSc SMRT

Pentony has 10 years experience of working with individuals to relieve musculoskeletal pain, improve movement and function and restore balance to the body.

“Improved pain-free movement is at the core of what I try to achieve with my clients. Historically, when a new or regular client comes to see me, while treating the injury or area of stiffness/discomfort, I also focus on finding the root cause of the problem and simultaneously rectify any imbalance to prevent re-injury. Studying CORE with Noah was a game changer to my practice. Taking my focus away from the symptoms to focus on the connective tissue as a whole brought results faster that lasted longer. It also helped the clients to truly ‘meet their body’ and bring order, dynamism and fluidity to their movement. Pain, melted away.”

Pentony started her CORE journey in 2012 and in 2017 achieved her level CORE I teaching award. She has been teaching soft tissue techniques for many years and has now added CORE fascial release to her programme.

For more information contact Pentony at or visit her website