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Based on Noah's self-help book Meet Your Body intends to help clients continue their process positively. Open to therapists to learn how to teach clients how to teach themselves. Also open to clients and practitioners from other fields to join in.

Based on Noah's book of the same name, this course examines Noah's theory that most of us get blocked in one of four main body segments: head, heart, gut or groin... and seeks to explore how and why we've gotten blocked and how words and touch can challenge a client to examine and let go of such blockages.

CORE I focuses on the basic ideas of the CORE philosophy of safe deep tissue bodywork: assess, access the correct layer of resistance, create movements and breath for the client, and integrate all work done.

Only serious students need apply: Prerequisite is CORE I and II. This intensive, 60 hour six day workshop teaches my five session recipe of CORE work. Through the course we study, work on each other and models to learn, practice, and understand this recipe.

This course builds on CORE I's All Purpose Recipe, reviewing that info as well as working with many simple and effective techniques. Also, Emotional Anatomy and movement work. A great step up!

CORE IV is a continuation of CORE III work, and indeed, requires graduation from CORE I, II and III before participating. In CORE IV we continue working with the five session ten plate of CORE work.