Based on the work of Noah Steven Karrasch, CORE work can be performed as a series of five sessions, as a one session all-purpose treatment, or as specific symptom work...

...though we believe symptoms only point us to the problem and don't necessarily show where it's located. People come for many reasons:  pain or lack of movement, a desire to enhance performance or be more in touch with their bodymindcore, and as an adjunct to other therapies. We suggest trying a session with a practitioner to see if this bodywork makes sense to you.


Noah Karrasch, Founder - U.S.

Liz Buri, Instructor - Malaysia

Chris Mowen, Instructor - U.K.


(Noah) Steven J. Karrasch, founder of the CORE Care Group in Springfield, MO, was born in St. Joseph, MO (home of Jesse James and the Pony Express) in 1950 and grew up on a farm north of town. He graduated from Savannah, MO Public Schools and the University of Missouri, Columbia in 1972 with a BS in Education, vocal music emphasis.

After working as an entertainer at Silver Dollar City in southwest Missouri, he taught public school music for several years. Next came a stint in Maine as a camp counselor, bartender, and pianist/vocalist/entertainer. On returning to the Ozarks in 1981 he taught music in the public school system until he picked up the Ida Rolf book Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality (Rosemary Feitis and Ida Rolf). This book totally opened his mind to the importance of bodywork with Ida Rolf's first quote: "This is the gospel according to Rolf.  When gravity gets flowing appropriately through the body, then spontaneously the body heals itself." He contacted the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO and initiated the training process to become a certified Rolfer in 1984. He was certified by the Institute in 1986, received advanced certification from the Guild for Structural Integration in 1991, but since 1994 has disaffiliated with the Rolf Institute and has continued to develop and train in his bodywork practice. In addition to his Springfield, MO practice he maintains limited practices in Jefferson City and Columbia, MO as well as Fayetteville, AR, and very limited practice in London, England.

Additionally Noah has been a teacher of bodywork both for massage schools and independently since 1994. His reason for participating in the training of the massage community is that he believes too many massagers learn just a bit about deep tissue work without really understanding what they are trying to achieve. He hopes to increase the level of learning in the massage and bodywork community by challenging his students to continue to enhance their skills as they invite change in their clients instead of demanding it from them. He sees a primary importance to teaching the philosophy of deep touch; the technique follows when the grounding of 'why' is present.

His partner Gloria Galanes has retired from her position as Dean of Arts and Letters at Missouri State University. During the fall semester of 2006 she taught for the Missouri-London program in London, England, so Noah lived and worked in London from Aug-Dec of 2006 while she completed her semester there.

Through fortunate circumstances he was invited to sing Handel's Messiah at St Paul's Cathedral in that December. He was a visiting fellow at the Wren Clinic in East Central London and continued this exchange until the closing of that clinic in 2014, and has now made numerous trips to London twice yearly to work and now to teach bodywork also (see Noah's Travel Diary). The UK visits are slowing down...from twice yearly the new schedule has been every 18 months, and possibly even less.

Noah published his first book Meet Your Body:  CORE Bodywork and Rolfing Tools to Release Bodymindcore Trauma, released in Feb of 2009 by Singing Dragon Publications, a division of Jessica Kingsley Publishers of London and Philadelphia. This book is meant primarily for clients — and their bodyworkers — to teach them how to better stretch, release and maintain their own bodies. His second book challenges us all to examine the connection between body complaints and emotional traumas.  Written more specifically for therapists, it's recently been published by Singing Dragon and is titled Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release. This book was released in February of 2012 and is available from amazon or the publisher. And he's since added a third book, published in 2016:  Getting Better at Getting People Better is a philosophical look at what actually gets people back into health, and how the practitioner's own self-examination and attitudes contribute to success with others. The fourth book, with assistance from Robert White, physiotherapist/Pilates instructor/CORE Level IV from Teasdale, UK, and Elizabeth Buri, yoga and Pilates instructor/CORE Level IV and Level II Instructor, of Malaysia is called BodyMindCORE Work for the Movement Therapist: Leading Clients to CORE Breath and Awareness. Though primarily for movement therapists, most therapists could benefit from the information provided. And his fifth book, Wellness and Healing at Surgery Time: Prepare, Prevent and Repair will be released in January of 2020.

His daughter Molly is a graduate of Stephens College in Columbia, MO with a BFA in musical theater. She lives in Austin, TX where she is a professional actress and company member of Austin Playhouse. She is now the mother of Noah's first grandchild, Henry Atlas Wineberg, born June 10, 2009.

In his spare time, Noah enjoys music, travel, gardening, reading, sunshine, most things Jamaican, rehabilitating the unused and unloved, and spending more retirement time in Crete, learning Greek. Oh, and now London.  And grandkids.  And slowing down.  And stretching more...

In these current trying economic times, Noah believes we're all being given an opportunity to find and stay on our centers better. His work has always encouraged this; he now invites us all to learn to live in gratitude, more fully. Noah invites you to try a session of bodywork and see if you feel it serves your goals of achieving better health.

CORE* Bodywork Certification

(Noah) Steven J. Karrasch is licensed by the state of Arkansas as a Massage Therapy Instructor, a continuing education provider, and licensed in the state of Missouri as a massage therapist. Noah teaches many classes of continuing education for massage therapists and bodyworkers in the Midwest as well as infrequently in the UK, Malaysia and Crete.

The CORE Bodywork training and certification process is four phases long, with an optional Phase V. There are specific goals for each class and to become certified as a CORE Bodyworker with Noah, all four segments must be completed. Levels II, III and IV have prerequisites; CORE I has none, though a massage certification is suggested. Many of these classes are held in Springfield, MO or London, England. Various 6-hour classes are held in other locations. Certain courses are also offered by Noah’s faculty: Elizabeth Buri in KL,Malaysia, Pam Martin in Edinburgh, Scotland, Pentony O’Hagan and Nicola Reed in greater London, and Roxanne Portman, Naomi Lalonde and Abigail Showl in Arkansas.  Watch the Upcoming CORE Bodywork Classes page for information.


CORE I — The All Purpose Recipe: A 16—20 hour class introduces the philosophy of CORE work, sharpens assessment skills, discusses in depth psoas muscle with palpation, works with Noah's Muscle Roadmap model, creates stretching cues for client and practitioner, talks about the quality of integration in bodywork sessions, and provides opportunities for practice both in partnerships and with outside models (you may bring a model at no extra cost). Students will learn a CORE recipe for one-hour session. Note: This class includes elements of several 6-hr classes: Psoas, Top Ten Hot Spots, Muscle Roadmaps, Stretching. Some information will seem old to you if you have taken these classes, but chances are you'll feel you've had an excellent review and achieved a new layer of knowledge. Pilates instructors, yoga instructors, MD's, physiotherapists and psychotherapists have all participated in CORE I training.


CORE II — Moving Forward: A 24 hour class; prerequisite is CORE I (as of May 2013 18 hours of other continuing education classes taught by Noah will no longer serve as pre-req for CORE II). Day one and two, techniques; day two review of CORE I recipe and demonstration on a model as well as video of deep fascia dissection. Day three work in recipe with partners, then with models. The purpose is to both give students many new techniques, challenge students to find the 'personal line' on each client, review the one session recipe, and prepare them for the five session recipe of CORE III. Also included in this class: seated back work, front of neck work, and emotional anatomy. Note: At any time in this process Noah or assigned instructors may choose not to certify a student after Level I if instructor believes the work of the student isn't consistent with CORE values.


CORE III — The Recipe: A 54 hour class over six days; prerequisite CORE I and II, by invitation. In this class Noah introduces his five series recipe and discusses the Ida Rolf ten session recipe and how it contrasts to the work we are doing. Students observe, receive, and practice Noah's five series on each other and one model, observing one series given by CORE IV students as well; and come out with a specific formula for addressing clients' body needs while enhancing their body awareness and understanding of self-imposed restrictions that can be changed. Particular attention is given to developing greater communication skills with clients. This class examines how health can be integrated into the lives of clients and students. CORE is not Rolfing! This is a specific series that accomplishes many of Rolfing's goals, but also intends to achieve different results. Note: CORE III's and IV's will be asked to sign a contract stating they won't teach this work in its body.


CORE IV — The Certificate: A 64 hour class taken over eight days; prerequisite CORE I, II, and III and by invitation only. This class is meant to be taken at least one year after III, with practice of the five series in between. It is for serious students who want to develop and polish deeper bodywork skills, and the class is guaranteed to change both the way you think about bodies and about the recipe for five sessions learned in CORE III. Those who have completed this course understand the value of CORE IV. The CORE IV certificate is not recognized by any governing or certifying body as a terminal degree; this training is for bodyworkers who seriously want to enhance their skills, not their credentials. That said, this certificate is becoming more valued and valuable as more students are practicing and seeing the value of CORE work.


CORE V —  Noah encourages any practitioner to pursue continuing education because there is always more to be learned. This informal CORE V is offered to those who have completed CORE III or CORE IV. Critical Thinking for Bodyworkers: a 24 hour class. In three days of class students observe, receive, and give a three session series of bodywork on models and on each other, designed around a framework of working with line and girdles of the body. The purpose is to teach students to plan their series, to be able to create goals for sessions within a framework, and to prepare them for the recipe of CORE III. Also included in this class: review of CORE I, seated back work, front of neck work, and emotional anatomy.


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