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Meet Your Body: People's Edition (KL, Malaysia)

  • OurBodySpace A5, Albakri Court, Persiaran Ampang Hilir Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (map)

Fees: RM250

Deposit: RM80 to secure your space

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Noah's first book, Meet Your Body, is designed to get clients and regular folks moving and thinking about 'oiling' the hinges of their body...if we don't use hinges, they rust!  In this three-hour course, we'll use techniques and ideas from the book to help anyone who wants to feel better. One of the primary considerations of Meet Your Body is, begin!  Start small, but any movement is better than deciding to sit around and rust. Starting with toes and ankles, and working up into neck and head, we examine the hinges and how to make them work more happily.

About Elizabeth Buri


Due to her very first asthma attack, Elizabeth’s was thrown into health & wellbeing at the young age of 4 through swimming, fitness, sports and gym work. Eventually leading her into a career as a fitness trainer in 2003. Soon after, she became a certified Polestar Pilates practitioner - blessed with the opportunity to work in other countries worldwide alongside fellow practitioners who were taught under Romana Kryzanowska, Ron Fletcher, Physical Mind and Stott to name a few.
               Elizabeth was certified in both Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis in 2010, and finally with 18 years as a yoga student, she was certified as an Integrated Yoga teacher in 2014, which combining the fluidity of the Scarevelli Yoga method, Hatha, Flow & Yin Yoga.

               Not one to ever stop learning, Elizabeth spent 2013 studying sports massage therapy in the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM), where there she discovered a special soul named Noah Karrasch who changed the course of her life.

Currently a certified CORE Level IV Bodyworker and Level II trainer (the only one in the Asian Region at the moment), co-authoring BodyMindCORE for Movement Therapists with Noah Karrasch and Robert White, Elizabeth’s passion is to playfully feed her inner child with curiosity. Play with ideas, movements, and what may seem like “misalignments” and “disintegration” – to take everything apart and learn how to put the right pieces back again. Disintegrate to reintegrate, de-program to reprogram.

A traveller, storytelling, raw-food & junk-food vegan, fasting/meditation/prayer enthusiast, free flow dancer, a lover of colourful wigs and headdresses, Elizabeth is a lover of Life.