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Maldives: PSOAS: Storer Of All Stress

  • Iru Studio Kudhifeyruvaadhi, Galholhu Male Maldives (map)

Conducted by Elizabeth Buri certified Level II CORE Instructor

A six-hour day is barely enough time to explore this complicated muscle and its relationships to other parts of the body, especially to iliacus and quadratus lumborum, but also to throat and jaw issues, plantar fasciitis, shoulder and back problems, etc. Noah believes the psoas acts as a lightning rod to attract excess trauma and store it along the body’s deep line.
Besides intensive study of anatomy, function and aberration, we’ll focus on how to work and how to elicit client work, slowly, gently and safely. Added in recent years: balance of psoas/diaphragm/iliacus/quadratus lumborum and attention give to interaction of vagus nerve.

Pre-req: None

Please email or whatsapp 0173954894 for more details and to register.